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Does choosing an insurance policy frustrate you?

Are you seeking to find the correct policy for your various insurance needs? ( Life coverages / Living Benefits, Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care and Health and Dental solutions.)

Did you know that many of the Living Benefit policies offer substantial Return of Premium benefits if minimal or no claims?

At the same time, your in force life insurance policies should be reviewed. All of these issues should be taken into consideration, as many of these older policies have valuable features that can be utilized for your family's benefit.

I'm here to help.

I am passionate about Living Benefits, which primarily consist of Disability, Critical Illness and Long-Term Care insurance. These are benefits you receive during your lifetime. I have committed more than 25 years of my career to this special field of insurance.

Here's why you need Living Benefits - Let's begin by asking the following question:

What is your greatest asset?

Answer: Your ability to earn an income, generate and maintain wealth.

It's worth more than you think. In fact, it's worth millions of dollars over the course of your entire career.

Did you know that 50% of your premiums can be refunded tax-free if you have no claims? This refund is available at the end of every 7 year period.

My clients have received more than $6 million in Disability insurance premium refunds through the largest insurance carriers in Canada. My clients took my advice; they did not have to cancel their policies after receiving the refunds and their premiums remained the same!

How do you choose the right insurance policy, given the ever-evolving tax environment, government benefits, and the array of products designed to offer solutions? Does the overabundance of insurance policy choices overwhelm you? What about the legal language of an insurance policy - do you find this difficult to understand?

I will carefully guide you through our policies to help you to choose the right coverage to perfectly suit you and your individual needs.

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